Rings...adornment and symbolism

August 08, 2023

Rings...adornment and symbolism

Sometimes a ring is just a ring...you choose to wear it because you love the stone, the design, the feel. Whether big, small, silver, gold, copper, bronze, iron, stones, no stones - throughout time people of every culture and background have worn jewelry of all kinds whether for style or statement. We have worn rings for the sake of beauty, but also to signify status - marital, financial, educational. Want to know if someone is attached? Check the 4th finger of the left hand, aka the ring finger to get your answer.

How many are too many? I'm the wrong person to ask that question - at any given moment I wear at least five. Anything less and I feel naked. And don't get me started on how many bracelets I wear, that's a blog for another day. Wear as many as few as make you happy, that's my only rule.

But did you know that rings worn on the other fingers are also symbolic? Back in the day a ring on the left index finger represented royalty, these days it's just a great place for a statement ring! The right and left pinky were often reserved for a signet ring denoting professional status or education...think of an engineer's ring for example. Thumb rings in the past were also reserved for the wealthy, the bigger the ring the higher the cost. I have worn a thumb ring since my teens but it's not a sign of status, lol, just because I love the look of a thumb ring, especially on men.

Metaphysically speaking, each finger represents something different, as shown in this diagram from the Mind Journal.

So next time you're choosing a ring, either as a treat, a significant event, a gift, take a moment to honor the tradition of adornment...and then enjoy your ring!