Why are so many items sold out? Due to the handmade nature of the pieces here at Little Gypsy's, most items are created one piece at a time.

Can I order a sold out item? Absolutely! With the exception of one-off custom designs, if you see a piece you like please contact me and we can discuss ordering and creating your piece.

How Long will it take? Completion times vary depending on my current workload, and the availability of certain items - stones, for example, may need to be ordered in.

I like a particular piece, but would like a different stone or texture- is that doable? Yes - different stone, different size of stone, etc., and you can choose the texture that you prefer.

What constitutes a custom design? Sometimes there is some confusion about what "custom" refers to. Because all the jewelry is made by hand you will see "sold out" on many pieces. I leave them on the site if it is something you can contact me about ordering. Replicating one of my existing designs, even if we incorporate different size, stone or texture is basically a regular order with some modifications, including the price depending on what changes you require. A full custom piece refers to a piece that I create for you or with you that is not one of my existing designs. The process for a custom piece includes consultation, sketches and a quote before work begins, require a deposit or pre-payment in full, is non-refundable and non-returnable. 

Are deposits required for custom work? Yes - amount of deposit varies, but I require a minimum 50% deposit for in person orders. Custom designs that need to be shipped require full payment including taxes and shipping costs before the piece is started. Please note - deposits for custom designs are non-refundable, no exceptions, so please take some time to be sure before we begin the design process.

Can I exchange a custom design? No.